21 Temmuz 2013 Pazar

In English, Please!

Well, that was the scariest sentence back then, three years ago.
Me, a "never stops asking questions in class" type of girl was terrified of making grammar mistakes in a language that is fairly new to use in all classes of university. I remember writing up the sentence in English before asking:) The topic would have been already changed until I was prepared to ask in English. :)

Now that I am about to start my final year at university, memories keep coming. I am glad that I chose my major, Genetics, even though it is hard to get the good education without struggle and hard work.

I started writing a blog when my UK adventure begun. Last summer, spent with a perfect internship in my opinion, changed a lot in my world. I wrote up about things that were hard for me to handle in this blog, so that many others would overcome all these document and visa issues without  any problems.

It has been a while since I last posted something here. いさしぶりだね!

Missed it a lot.

It is not like writing this posts relieves me or something. I love talking with my friends and family, keeping them all updated about me:)
But still, writing here feels like a duty somehow.

Talking about duties, it is time to look for some graduate schools.
I will have to take three exams in a row now.

What a mess, inside my mind!
Still, I find it exciting to struggle for what I dream of.
Refreshing, at the same time.

But it doesnt mean I am not afraid of anything.
More than I could imagine years ago when I was deciding on being a scientist, I am afraid of what will be the outcome of all this struggle to study abroad.

The aim here is not to "go away" , it is to learn my beloved science in its best.

It is Ramadan time now. Just perfect for planning things and working for them. It is a month of inner dicipline and I am sincerely hoping and making duas for getting this very important merit.

Why in English, now?
It has been ages since I last wrote an essay, but still I wanted to believe that I still could. I want to improve, like, a lot!